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Culturally Driven

At Gravity Thinking we focus on driving business performance by creating brand experiences that connect with today’s digital first consumers. From content that competes with cat videos for attention, to the amplification of consumer touch points, to funnel thinking that delivers quantifiable sales. It’s how we made the school run into a internet mini-series for Allianz, got Hendricks gin five times more talked about than their competitors and delivered over 18,000 new leads for Hyundai in just 5 months.


We exist to rid the internet of sh*t. To do that you need to get closer to culture in order to understand the trends, conversations and people that matter to your audiences. It’s why we pass up Cannes for VidCon, watch the top 10 on Youtube not Adweek and aspire for our work to appear on the front page of Reddit not in Campaign. Just take a quick look at our work and you’ll get the point.